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Democracy – what is it really?


Dissertation year! Made it through the first two years of the Masters and my proposal for the dissertation has been accepted.

I will be examining/evaluating different theories of democracy and attempting to discover whether deliberative forms of democracy can be used to increase its legitimacy in our floundering Western democracies.

I may have time to put my thoughts here, but based on the last two years workload, it is a wish that may remain unfulfilled.


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  1. Yoram Gat says:


    Despite much effort at obfuscation, fundamentally democracy is easily defined. Democracy is political equality – all the members of the group get to have the same say. All the rest is elaboration. (It is worth going through in depth and detail, but not as a substitute for the fundamental principle.)

    Those people who are not really democrats and wish to justify elitist, anti-democratic systems tie themselves in knots trying to convince the rest of us that black is white by talking about “tyranny of the majority”, “electoral competition”, “accountability” and other such buzzwords.

    The fundamental question always remains – do we get political equality? Do all our interests and ideas get equal representation?

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